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Loan Services


e-Cash Revolving Loan

Enjoy flexible cash flow with our e-Cash Revolving Loan. Once your credit limit is set, enjoy instant cash transfer within the limit. Conveniently manage your cash transfer and payment via the internet.


Debts Consolidation Loan

Consolidate your debts and liabilities into one manageable loan with UTGL Finance! No more forgetting any outstanding payment when you only have to manage payment with us. Get your debt level under control with a favorable interest rate when you consolidate your debt with UTGL Finance.

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Small Enterprise Loan

Suitable for SME or micro-business looking for an injection of cash flow as working capital. Work with UTGL Finance to grow your business, build capacity and debt resolution.

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Tax Loan

Paying taxes is not the only usage you can have for a tax loan. Home improvement? Continuing education? Consult with UTGL Finance’s very own loan experts and find out how to maximise the benefit of getting a tax loan.


Corporate Tax Loan

Don’t let tax season be a hindrance to your company’s working capital. Retain sufficient cash flow and let UTGL Finance share your company’s burden on repaying corporate tax.

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i-Money Internet Personal Loan

Apply, approve and achieve your goal all in one easy-to-navigate personal loan application process. Start paying for emergency, or pursuing your dream within 24 hours of applying your own personal loan, wherever you are.

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