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UTGL Finance Limited

Financial Assistance. Let Us Do the Math.


Helping your company growth


One of the most significant difficulties for the company is the lacking of capital. 

Unfortunately, banks often hesitate to provide financial assistance or liquidity to small and medium-sized corporates.


Banks have conventional and obsolete hazard evaluation strategies that do not support SMEs. Moreover, it is considered hazardous and time-consuming for banks to accept cash-loaning applications to SMEs.  

UTGL Finance Limited offers a wide variety of loan products, designed by our loan experts, with you in mind.


You will find our loan products offer competitive interest rates, quick application processes, and most importantly, leaving you with flexible cash flow.

Contact our passionate loan experts today and jump-start your company’s growth with UTGL Finance.

We understand your financial difficulty

Poor Credit.png

Lack of collaterals, poor credit history


Complicated loan application process


No audited financial statement

Limited Choice.png

Limited financing alternatives


Why Us?

Simple Application

Need a simple KYC application document, approval within 3 days. 

Large Loan Amount

No upper limit of loan amount to meet your needs


A time honoured and experienced team with innovative thinking

One-Stop Loan Solutions

Provide suitable loan products for evaluating the best solutions

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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